Spain Will Take Seattle’s Jews

Jews have been expelled from just about every country in Europe at one time or another. Jews would have us believe they are eternal victims of baseless “antisemitism,” an extraordinary misnomer considering that most Jews probably aren’t authentic Semites themselves. All you have to do is look at the state of the Jewnited States today to know the truth.

While struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, Spain invited a reinfestation of Jews.

The last European leader who tried to purge his country of Jews was Adolf Hitler, one of history’s most charismatic and dynamic leaders. Sadly, even the great Hitler couldn’t stand up to the combined might of the United Kingdom, United States, and Soviet Union, all controlled by Jews.

In the 15th century, Jews were expelled from Spain by Queen Isabella and her husband Ferdinand. Not only was modern Spain not controlled by Jews, it had no Jews, period! Could that help explain why Spain wasn’t involved in either of the world wars?

In 2015, Spain’s government did something so stupid it boggles the mind: it passed a law granting descendants of the Inquisition’s victims with Sephardic Jewish roots the right to apply for citizenship.

Among the more notable Seattle area Jews are the Alhadefs, who are Sephardic Jews. In 2022, Doreen Alhadeff was honored for her role in reinfesting Spain with Jews. The story is told by Jewish media whore Nina Shapiro in an article titled “Seattle woman knighted for helping Sephardic Jews become Spanish citizens” (Seattle Times, Sept. 26, 2022):

“Approved by Spain’s King Felipe VI, Alhadeff’s knighthood stems in large part from her work helping Sephardic Jews take advantage of the law allowing them to apply for Spanish citizenship before the application window closed last September. Seattle has the third largest Sephardic population in the U.S., numbering about 5,000.”

A real estate agent, Alhadeff is one of the lucky ones. The process for obtaining Spanish citizenship is reportedly very bureaucratic, with lots of Jews being turned down.

Ah, the irony! The Jews have buried Americans in bureaucracy, and now they’re getting a taste of their own medicine. It also appears that the Spanish may not be terribly enthusiastic about allowing the Jews to return after all. It would be interesting to know how many Spanish citizens protested the decision to allow their return.

Seattle has the third largest Sephardic population in the U.S., about 5,000. As far as I’m concerned, any country that wants them can have them.

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