When I moved to Gothic Seattle in the mid-1980s, I knew it wasn’t going to be a picnic, but I had no idea just how bad it would be. As an employee of the Seattle School District, I was up to my eyeballs in bureaucratic bullshit and tyranny.

After ten years of abuse, I finally had my political awakening in 1995. I began seeing things that had been invisible to me—the lying media, back-stabbing school bureaucrats, fellow teachers and parents who served as spies. I became a whistle-blower, a political activist, and a candidate for public office. Most educational of all was my research and writing.

Yet, unbelievably, it would be another twenty years before I discovered the Jews.

You’ve probably heard conspiracy theories about the Jews controlling the economy, the media, and on and on. One day I discovered that the old “canard” about Jews controlling Hollywood is absolutely true. My interest aroused, I began doing a little more research, first focusing on media.

No, the Seattle Times isn’t liberally owned by the Jews, though owner Frank Blethen is a legendary piece of shit who sucks Jewish dick. The Seattle Times employs Nina Shapiro, a Jewish media whore who previously worked for the Seattle Weekly, which is very Jewish. The latter once employed a political activist named Geov Parrish, who previously wrote for Zionist tabloid called The Stranger. The first time I ran for public office, in 1999, I was stabbed in the back by both Shapiro and Parrish, who appears to be a Jew as well.

Is it possible that Jews control the Seattle School District, perhaps education in general?

I’m still working on that one, but the Seattle School District was (and probably still is) riddled with sleazy Jews. Lynn Steinberg was a media whore working for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer before she became the school district’s spokesperson. As head of the district’s personnel department, Steve Katz probably knew where a lot of bodies are buried.

A billionaire Jew named Nick Hanauer is a major player in education, as is the Ben Bridge (JEWeler) clan. Bill Gates—also a major player in the education racket—has long surrounded himself with corrupt Jews.

The head of the octopus may have been Eli Broad, a billionaire Jewish businessman and phony philanthropist with an out-sized interest in education. Like Bill Gates, Broad, who died in 2021, was a charter schools whore.

Is that why Seattle’s public schools are such a shit show—the Jews want parents to give up on public education and embrace charter schools? It would certainly help explain the campaign to drive black students out of T.T. Minor Elementary School (renamed the New School, or something like that), and probably other schools as well.

Other notable Seattle Jews include the slimedog known as “Uncle Ike,” the drunk-driving judge Bobby Bridge, and Jonah Spangenthal-Lee, a media whore who is now a blogger for the famously corrupt Seattle Police Department.

I’ll have much more to say about Seattle’s Jewish underworld in good time.